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Most of us take our electrical appliances and conveniences for granted – until the power cuts out. Electrical issues can affect every aspect of your life, from work to play, and even your comfort. There’s nothing worse than having to weather a Kentucky summer without air-conditioning.

Residential and commercial electrical systems require an expert touch and aren’t something that DIY enthusiasts can tackle. That’s why you need a reliable and professional electrician from Mike Whalen Electric, Inc. for all your electric needs in Bedford, KY.

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Residential Electric Services

Even if you’re an avid DIY enthusiast, it’s never a good idea to tackle an electrical project without the necessary training and skills, and it’s always recommended you work with a qualified professional instead. At Mike Whalen Electric, we provide household customers with various electric services, including:

● Backup generator installation
● Complete or partial rewiring
● Electrical wiring inspection
● New fixture installations
● Electrical upgrades
● Electrical repairs

Electrical problems affect almost every household. While it’s easy to ignore the occasional spark from an outlet, these small problems can result in devastating consequences. Rather than wait until things get worse, pay attention to common signs that may indicate faulty wiring, such as:

● Power surges that damage your electrical devices and appliances
● Light switches not working
● Shocks when you plug something in to an outlet
● Frequent circuit breaker trips, signaling your power load is more than your wiring can handle

Luckily, there are professional electricians in Bedford, Kentucky that can address these problems quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Upgrading your electrical system can save you money by reducing unnecessary power usage and lowering your power bill.

Commercial Electric Services

Commercial properties have specialized needs when it comes to electrical services. Not only do you need reliable service, but you also need to be sure that any work meets the local, state, and country regulations.

Mike Whalen Electric, Inc. has provided Bedford commercial spaces with top-quality electrical service since 1997. We understand that commercial electric needs a far higher skill level than typical residential jobs and that the quality of our work affects your bottom line.

All of our trained commercial electricians have:

● Access to the latest information, technology, and tools
● Advanced understanding of your business’s unique needs
● The required permits to ensure all electrical work is up to code

We offer our commercial clients the following services:

● Electrical advancements to improve your energy efficiency
● Safety inspections
● Specialty lighting
● Energy audits and recommendations
● Commercial electrical system maintenance
● Diagnosis and repair of any electrical faults

As a business owner, you need to have an electrician you can trust. Even small interruptions for repairs can influence your business’s success, which is why we do everything we can to ensure minimal disruptions and excellent service every time.

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Industrial Electric Services

Industrial facilities often have enormous power needs that require specific attention. Whether you’re looking to improve a current facility or install new components, you need an electrician that understands the risks and intricacies of your facility.

Electrical failures in an industrial facility can be catastrophic, so don’t settle for anything less than the best. Always insist on working with electricians with proven industry experience and an understanding of your particular needs.

At Mike Whalen Electric, we spend a lot of time training our industrial electricians to work in an industrial setting. We offer several core electric services, including:

● Wiring new installations or rewiring old installations
● Electrical compliance certification
● Electrical design for new and existing facilities
● Temperature and humidity logging
● Lighting installation and repairs
● Preventative maintenance
● Fault-finding and repairs
● Machine safeguarding
● Automation
● Power quality checks

We’ve worked with some of the largest industries in Bedford, KY and understand the local rules and regulations. All our electricians adhere to the latest standards of safety, and we only use top-quality materials. By taking the time to do a job right the first time around, we help industries avoid costly downtime and expensive repairs in the future.

Electrical issues can be irritating at best and fatal at worst. Don’t rely on any Bedford, Kentucky electrician – work with the best. No matter your electrical issue, our electricians are on standby to resolve it as soon as possible. Call Mike Whalen Electric, Inc. at 502-222-7445 today to find out what we can do for you!

A Wide Array of Electrical Services We Provide

  • Electrical upgrades
  • Complete rewiring
  • Troubleshooting, repair, and service
  • Ceiling fans
  • Re-wiring to meet code requirements
  • Indoor security and emergency lighting
  • RV service panel
  • Electrical hookup
  • Spa and hot tub wiring and hookup
  • Electrical wiring inspection
  • Lighting fixtures installed
  • Re-wiring for your remodeling projects
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Service panel
  • Installation and upgrades
  • Underground wiring
  • Standby generator installation and maintenance
  • Switch and receptacle add-ons and repairs
  • 220V wiring for dryers, stoves, HVAC, and more
  • Switches, outlets, or dimmers repaired
  • Lights flickering
  • No power to A/C unit
  • Main breaker not resetting
  • Faulty breakers
  • Overloaded circuits
  • GFCI outlets and GFCI-protected circuits repaired
  • Surge protectors
  • Power outages not related to electric power company

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